Design and Technology

Our Curriculum:

We value and encourage creativity in a wide range of ways. Design and Technology is a foundation subject in the National Curriculum and is found in many forms: clothes, books, home wear, sportswear – products which have been designed to help people with their needs. Design and Technology is part of every child’s immediate life experience. The subject encourages children to become creative problem-solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team. It enables them to identify needs and opportunities and to respond by developing ideas, and eventually making a range of products. Through the study of design and technology, they combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, as well as of the products functions. This allows them to reflect on, and evaluate, past and present design and technology. During Design and Technology, all children follow the design, make and evaluate cycle.

In Early Years the children will freely explore different materials and develop their own ideas. They will explore different textures and join different materials using their own ideas. They will return to previous learning, refining and improving their ideas. The Early Years DT curriculum will develop the children’s fine motor skills.

In Key Stage 1 the children will learn to design purposeful, functional and appealing products that are based on design criteria. They will make products by using a wide range of materials and develop the use of tools to cut, shape, join and finish. They will learn to evaluate products and suggest how it could be improved to be stronger, stiffer and more stable. They will learn to cook simple food.

In Key Stage 2 the children will learn to design purposeful products that are aimed at particular individuals or groups. They will develop their ideas through detailed planning, evaluating product design, observational drawings and making prototypes. They will make products and learn how to use a wide variety of tools, equipment, materials and components. They will learn how to include mechanical, electrical and computer control into products. They will learn to design and cook food.

Progression in D/T will be assessed through work completed in pupils sketch books, displays, written work and photographic evidence.

Design and Technology – National Curriculum

Check out our amazing Design and Technology activities!

One of our Robins was inspired to create his own hedgehog in our workshop. He did some wonderful problem solving, using trial and error, to get the spikes to stick up! #SkeltonDT

We loved chopping and threading fruit to make fruit kebabs for our summer fair. Robins carefully chopped and @Ducklings_Ske skewered the fruit. Great teamwork!
We all enjoyed a well earned slice of watermelon after 🍉🍓🍑🫐🍇 #SkeltonDT

Design, make, evaluate! 📝🏗️
For DT day we learnt about bridges. We designed our own, inventing our own features for pedestrians and vehicles. We built them and evaluated how well our 'makes' matched our designs.
It was fun being an architect!
#DTDay #SkeltonDT

Thank you @woodpeckers_ske for sharing your boxes with us. We had great fun designing and building with them as a team. We made a trap, boat and shop (with a paddling pool attached). They were perfect for our role play! @Robins_Skelton #SkeltonDT

One Robin has spent the day building their own moving vehicle. He followed instructions in a book to begin with, then used his own ideas and tried new skills to improve it. #SkeltonDT

We have loved our D&T textiles project this week. We have designed and made our own @skeltonsch themed bunting! We can't wait to display this in our lovely school! 🪡❤️ #SkeltonDT

We loved trying out our new woodwork area today with @Ducklings_Ske . We learnt how to hammer nails into wood and made sure we kept ourselves and those around us safe 🔨🛠🪵 #skeltonDT

Our D&T brief this week has been to make a sustainable food product. Kingfishers had great fun making their own crisps from potato peeling scraps, along with recyclable paper packaging!🧑‍🍳🌍
#SkeltonDT #SkeltonEcoSchool

Our second DT was all about sustainable packaging 📦 We decided to make paper packaging for our banana muffins 🍌 I hope all of the Woodpeckers enjoy their hard work 🧁 #SkeltonDT #SkeltonEco

This week had a look at how we could reduce our food waste. Together as a class we agreed that many of us had old apples at home that needed using up, and so we brought them into school and turned them into delicious apple crumble bars 🍎 #SkeltonDT #SkeltonEcoSchool 🌍

For DT Day, we were asked to create a product from food waste with sustainable packaging. We peeled our carrots at snack time and made treat bags for our Purple Pig Farm visitors! 🐰🥕 #SkeltonDT

DT days are under way! We have been tasked to make something out of food that would normally go to waste. So here we are having fun, making banana muffins 🧁 Thank you Miss Chaplin and Miss Bayliss for your (very brown) bananas!! 🍌 #SkeltonDT

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