Our Aims

Our aim is to nurture a love of reading by equipping our students with the skills to become confident, fluent, accurate readers who can understand and enjoy a variety of texts.

By investing in quality text across school, children are exposed to a variety of authors and genres; creating a culture of reading for pleasure with children asking for recommendations and sharing their favourite books with others.

Reading Charts

By reading at home, and within school, every child in every class reads at least 25 times every half term.

Every time they read they get tick :

10 – bronze reader

20 – silver reader

25 – gold reader

The first class to complete the chart gets a reward.

Reading at Skelton Primary

Reading is at the heart of everything we do. We have recently revamped our school library and each classroom has a reading area with variety of books. Each class has a selection of core books which they regularly revisit. We ensure there is dedicated time every day for the teacher to share a story at the end of the day.

Early Years and Key Stage 1 use books to support the teaching of Literacy. Children receive daily phonics sessions and guided reading is taught in small groups. In Key Stage 2, every child has a copy of a whole class novel and vocabulary, grammar and comprehension are taught through these daily sessions. Picture books, song lyrics and video clips are often used to support the teaching of reading.

Each week in Phase Assemblies a child is chosen to be ‘Reader of the Week,’ they then get to select a book to take home and keep.


We teach phonics following Read, Write, Inc.

Phonics is taught daily as a way of teaching children to read by linking sounds (phonemes) to the symbols that represent them (graphemes).

In Year 1 all children take a Phonics Screening Check. We teach daily lessons and run interventions; playing games in small groups as well as reading books at the appropriate phonics level.

Online Resources

To support our teaching of reading in Early Years and Key Stage 1 we have a subscription to Bug Club. Every child has their own login and can access books at the right level on a computer or device at school and at home.

Key Stage 2 have started using Accelerated Reader to support reading. Children choose books from their reading level and then complete an online quiz to show their understanding of the book.

Parent Workshops

Throughout the year we invite parents and careers to play and stay sessions in Early Years and Key Stage 1.

These include:

  • Family phonics sessions
  • Nursery Rhyme Week
  • Book Breakfast