At Skelton Primary School, we believe that Science teaches an understanding of natural phenomena, allowing children to be curious and to discover. We encourage children to ask ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ and develop a lively interest in the subject. 

In Early Years, our naturally inquisitive students will learn through indoor and outdoor provision, as well as time in Forest Schools. They will make observations, read stories, ask questions and experiment, talking about things that they have found. 

In Key Stage One, children will build on their knowledge, learning about plants, animals, materials, habitats and the weather. Science is explored in a hands-on way, making learning memorable and fun for all learners. Children will develop scientific enquiry skills and complete investigations- choosing to use appropriate equipment and comparing variables. 

In Key Stage Two, children further their knowledge and skills, exploring chemistry, biology and physics in new and exciting ways. Children are introduced to forces, electricity, light, sound and evolution, discovering how and why things work and become more independent in their investigation. Children design their own enquiry, talk about dependent and independent variables and decide on the optimum ways to display their results. 

We strive for science to be practically taught and loved by all children and staff at our school, building children’s awareness of the world and the way things work. The curriculum is progressive and each year, every child is given the opportunity to build on their prior knowledge and have the skills they need to find success. Scientific enquiry skills are taught in every lesson to allow pupils to master each skill then showcase them independently.

Our school works with STEM ambassadors around the UK to introduce our children to real life scientists and give them an understanding of science in careers. We firmly believe that STEM is for everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity or social-economic background. We celebrate ‘Science Week’ and love to have visitors to talk about Science! 

Check out our amazing Science activities!

We have enjoyed learning about stars and constellations this week. The children made their own constellation telescopes and explored them using torches. They were excited to share the new big word they had learnt 🌟#SkeltonScience

We loved exploring cause and effect with our fizzy pumpkin positions this week. We listened carefully for the fizz sound and noticed changes during the reaction. We also learnt about Diwali and made our own diya lamps out of playdough. 🪔🎃🧪#SkeltonRE #SkeltonScience

In science this week Woodpeckers have been discussing what different animals might eat, and using the terms Carnivore, Herbivore and Omnivore to describe them. #SkeltonScience

Continuing our #SkeltonScience lessons this week, we watched some fossils come to life around us using a VR headset! It made us realise just how big the Rhomaleosaurus truly was...which made us jump at times! 🌟

We spent some time investigating the different summer flowers that we could find 🌺🌻 It was made even more special that we were looking at the flowers that have grown from our seed bombs that we made a few months ago 🌱 #SkeltonScience #SkeltonForestSchool

Some Robins were fascinated by the rain this afternoon and decided to collect it. We set a 10 min timer and problem solved to find the best way to measure how much we collected. There wasn’t much so we put the jug outside to collect over the w/end. #SkeltonScience #SkeltonMaths

Woodpeckers have become botanists! This afternoon we were learning about Jane Colden - the first female botanist in America 🌱It was then our turn to become botanists and observe and draw different plants in our classroom 🪴🌿🌵 #SkeltonScience

"Bye bye butterflies!" 🦋🦋🦋🦋Ducklings and @Robins_Skelton were very caring (+containing their excitement!) when releasing our 4 butterflies into the wild.

We have loved watching their lifecycle take place before our very eyes! 🐛🦋

We now have 3 butterflies that have emerged from their chrysalis’. We can’t wait to set them free next week 🦋🐛 #SkeltonScience #SkeltonExtra @Robins_Skelton

Todays science lesson… investigating what makes plants grow well 🌱 We discovered that the plants that grew with plenty of water 💧 warmth🔥and light☀️grew the best! These 3 elements are very important for healthy plants #SkeltonScience

Our plants topic in #SkeltonScience is getting exciting! We are growing seeds in different conditions and we are measuring how they grow over time. Interestingly the plants without water have started to grow shoots 🤔🌱 it has sparked some great scientific conversations 👍🏼

Last week we planned our experiment to investigate which material would be most suitable for the Three Little Pigs 🐷 Today we conducted the experiment and the findings were interesting! #SkeltonScience

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