Skelton Primary Governance

A Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is a legal entity accountable for the running of the organisation and all the academies within it. The MAT is a charitable company limited by guarantee, and has multiple layers of governance: the Members, the Board of Trustees and Board Committees, which include a Local Governing Committee for each school within the MAT.

Skelton Primary School and Burton Green Primary School are working closely together under the executive leadership of Ash Atherton. As a result it has been agreed that there is a joint Local Governing Committee (LGC) for the two schools.

The Local Governing Committee serves as a sub-committee of the Hope Sentamu Learning Trust York Board of Trustees, and their responsibilities are set out within the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation. If required, the Board can either delegate more powers to the Local Governing Committee or withdraw powers in exceptional situations. Governors are not involved in the operational running of the school; the daily management of the schools is the responsibility of the Executive Head Teacher. All decisions are made as a group; governors are there as a corporate body responsible for the governance of the school and not to represent their own interests or the interest of others.

What does the Local Governing Committee do?

Local governors have three central duties:

i) setting the vision of the schools
ii) holding the Executive Head Teacher to account
iii) and ensuring the schools’ financial management is to the highest possible standard.

Governors carry out their tasks in a number of different ways, through regular meetings and visits to the schools. Meetings are held at least once a term. For a full list of Trust Board and LGC meetings, please click here.

The Local Governing Committee provides the school with a wide range of skills and experience which supports the Senior Leadership team in vital decisions thatenhance the schools’ environment, curriculum and delivery of the best educational experience possible.


Skills and Training

Governors do not need specific skills, but many of the tasks they are required to undertake can benefit from general business knowledge such as understanding management systems, budget planning and HR functions. Local authorities are required to ensure that training for governors is available and most governing bodies buy into their local authority training packages (which may include online learning) to ensure that governors are properly inducted to their role and trained for specific tasks such as appointing the Executive Head Teacher and then carrying out the Executive Head Teacher’s performance review.


Skelton Primary School and Burton Green Primary School Governor information

The LGC is made up of:

The Executive Head Teacher, one Parent Governor and two Staff Governors. The remaining governors are co-opted and all the above governors have full voting rights at Local Governing Committee. Information on the governors is below with detail of their specific responsibilities, business interests and terms of office. The Chair of Governors is Judy MacDermot – to contact her please email:


 Name of Governor Category Additional Roles Term of Office Start Date Term of Office End Date 
Mrs Ash Atherton Executive Principal 01/09/2018 
Mrs Sarah Brownhill Staff (Burton Green) 01/11/2019 31/10/2023 
Mr Tom Button Parent (Burton Green) 20/11/2017 19/11/2021 
Ms Nicola Terrett Parent (Skelton) 07/12/2020 06/12/2024 
Ms Elaine Boyes Trust Appointed Pupil Premium Link 23/07/2017 23/07/2025 
Mrs Judy MacDermot Trust Appointed Chair 20/01/2021 19/01/2025 
Mr Chris Linfoot Trust Appointed Health & Safety Link 25/01/2020 24/01/2024 
Mr Keith Hayton Trust Appointed Safeguarding Link (SKE) 20/01/2021 19/01/2025 
Mr Tim Stead Trust Appointed 25/03/2019 24/03/2023 
Mrs Hazel Greenwood Trust Appointed SEND Link 20/01/2021 19/01/2025 
Mrs Jess Swarbrick Governance Advisor (Clerk) 01/09/2020 

The following governors have left the Local Governing Committee in the last 12 months:

NameDate stepped down
Gill Johnson13 July 2020
Steve Windass13 July 2020
Mr Nick O'Keeffe 22 July 2021
Dr Sue Faulds 23 July 2021
Mrs Catherine Bromley 23 July 2021


Governor business interests and attendance

Name of GovernorNature of any business interests including details of the company or organisationDate of start of interestDetails of governor membership at another school or academyDetails of any relationship between governor and member of school staff
(eg spouse)
Ms Ash Atherton (Principal)NoneNoneNone
Mrs Sarah Brownhill (Staff)None
Mrs Catherine Bromley (Staff)None
Mr Nick O’Keeffe (Trust Appointed)Pending returnPending returnPending return
Miss Elaine Boyes (Trust Appointed)Executive Director, Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS)January 2016NoneNone
Mrs Judy MacDermot (Chair)NoneNoneNone
Mr Tom Button (Parent)NoneNoneNone
Dr Sue FauldsNoneNoneNone
Mr Christopher LinfootPending returnPending returnPending return
Mr Tim SteadPending returnPending returnPending return
Mrs Hazel GreenwodNoneNoneNone
Mr Keith HaytonPending returnPending returnPending return

Click here to download the Burton Green and Skelton Register of Business Interests 2020-21 as a PDF file.

Click here to download the LGC Attendance Register 2020-21