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Today we learnt about remembrance by watching the short animation β€˜Poppies’ and discussing how grateful we are to the soldiers in the past and present. We then created our own individual poppies using various media. Wonderful creativity Robins! ❀️#SkeltonArt #SkeltonDT

Woodpeckers have been exploring colour mixing and using the vocabulary primary, secondary and tertiary colours. We mixed red, yellow and blue play dough to see what colours we could make #SkeltonArt

Art day! We revisited our self-portrait drawing skills, ensuring we carefully looked at the shape, position, colour and size of our features. We also learned about Picasso and created our own version of β€˜The Weeping Woman’. We found our creations very funny! #SkeltonArt

We have also created some abstract art based on the work of Picasso and his portrait of the Weeping Woman. The children drew themselves or a friend from different angles to created a Cubism style portrait. Great work Woodpeckers! #SkeltonArt

Our #SkeltonArt lesson today involved a bit of freeze frame drama. We looked at the painting 'Gassed' by John Singer Sargent, and then one leader from each group directed their peers on how to pose and recreate the different parts of the picture 🎭

Today in our #SkeltonArt lesson we used ink blots to create symmetrical images. We looked carefully at our work to find hidden shapes and silhouettes before turning them into our own creative illustrations 🌟

This week in Woodpeckers we thought about how we could use lines to make our own abstract art. This is the piece of art we created as a class based on the work of the artist Bridget RileyπŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ #Skeltonart

In Art we made snail models out of playdough 🐌 After this, we experimented different ways of mark making using a variety of tools! There have been lots of successful snails - well done Woodpeckers πŸ‘πŸΌ#SkeltonArt

We applied our drawing skills to create portraits of the Queen for Art Day. They have been used to decorate the local village hall for the jubilee and we are so proud of them! πŸ‘‘ #skeltonart @Ducklings_Ske

We have really enjoyed learning about Queen Elizabeth II and her royal duties ahead of her Platinum JubileeπŸ‘‘This afternoon we drew royal portraits incorporating different commonwealth flags🎨 #SkeltonArt

It is all about landscapes in #SkeltonArt this half term. Using Van Gogh’s painting of a beach, we experimented by creating different textures to represent parts of a beach. We chose our materials carefully and thought about where they need to be placed βœ‚οΈπŸ˜Š

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