Religious Education

At Skelton Primary School, we aim to celebrate diversity and offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our pupils. We believe that Religious Education (RE) provides an opportunity to celebrate and foster awareness of these differences within our school and the wider world. It is a subject that celebrates diversity.

Our Aims

  • To help our children develop respect and sensitivity for all people
  • To help our children understand faith and moral codes to guide them and develop informed opinions
  • To help our children develop an understanding of modern multi-cultural Britain and how this is reflected in their lives and local community
  • To help our children understand more about the importance of religion in today’s world.

In Hope Sentamu Learning Trust schools, high quality RE is provided for all pupils, which is inclusive and broad-minded. RE in our City of York and North Yorkshire schools is taught in accordance with the local Agreed Syllabus for York and North Yorkshire. Our community schools in York and North Yorkshire follow the local-agreed syllabus, this includes Burton Green, Poppleton Ousebank and Skelton Primary. Manor Church of England Academy and Forest of Galtres AMPS follow the Diocese of York RE syllabus.

Right of Withdrawal

Parents/carers do have the right to withdraw pupils from RE lessons, or any part of the RE curriculum. If you wish to do this, please make an appointment with the RE subject leader in school. HSLT does not support selective withdrawal from RE.

Our schools have a duty to supervise pupils withdrawn from RE, though not to provide additional teaching or to incur extra cost. Where the pupil has been withdrawn, alternative arrangements will be made for RE of the kind the parents/guardians want the pupil to receive. These arrangements will be made by the parents/guardians. The school is not expected to make these arrangements. This RE could be provided at the school in question, or by another school in the locality. If neither approach is practicable, the pupil may receive external RE teaching as long as the withdrawal does not significantly impact on the child’s attendance.

Check out our amazing Religious Education activities!

For todays story, Robins listened to ‘The proudest blue’ which follows two sisters on the first day of hijab. The children learnt about how important hijabs are to Muslims and how special and proud they feel to wear them. Some children designed their own hijabs too. #SkeltonRE

Last week we learnt about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. The children role played decorating the home corner, tried using chopsticks, made red envelopes to gift to friends, tasted Chinese foods and explored mandarin writing. 🇨🇳🥢🧧#SkeltonRE

In our #SkeltonRE lesson we played 'Game of Commitment'. We took turns placing statements on a board reflecting how committed we felt towards it...however other players could choose to move it if they felt differently! Excellent examples of speaking and listening from everyone🌟

We enjoined walking to our village church this morning to sing Christmas carols with the rest of school. We also enjoyed warming up after with hot chocolate and warm juice 🌟🎄⛪️ #SkeltonExtra #SkeltonRE #SkeltonMusic

We have enjoyed storytelling with our nativity figures this week. They are now on our story shelf ready to further develop the vocabulary we have learnt. #SkeltonRE

We loved exploring cause and effect with our fizzy pumpkin positions this week. We listened carefully for the fizz sound and noticed changes during the reaction. We also learnt about Diwali and made our own diya lamps out of playdough. 🪔🎃🧪#SkeltonRE #SkeltonScience

After learning about different wedding traditions in RE, one of our wonderful parents came in this afternoon to demonstrate creating Henna tattoos on some of our staff. The children were mesmerised! @Ducklings_Ske #SkeltonRE #SkeltonExtra

Thank you @York_YoYoTrust for visiting us this afternoon! We loved learning about Queen Elizabeth II and the ways in which her faith has impacted her life. 👑🇬🇧 #SkeltonRE

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