At Skelton Primary School, we know that a high quality Mathematics education introduces children to concepts, skills and thinking strategies that are essential in everyday life and support learning across the curriculum. The language of mathematics is international and the basic skills of mathematics are vital for the life opportunities of our children. Our aim is to follow a mastery approach to teaching to promote fluency, develop reasoning and secure problem solving skills.

At Skelton Primary School, our Mathematics Curriculum has been developed to ensure every child can achieve excellence in mathematics. Children can experience a sense of awe and wonder as they solve a problem for the first time, discover different solutions and make links between different areas of mathematics. It provides pupils with a deep understanding of the subject through a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach. This ensures pupils fully understand what they are learning.

Key features of our Maths Curriculum:

  • High expectations for every child: All our children have the opportunity to develop mastery through a wide range of learning opportunities.
  • To foster positive attitudes: children develop a ‘can do’ attitude surrounded in fascination and excitement of discovery through the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts.
  • Number sense and place value come first: we ensure that all children have access to their age related learning and that the whole curriculum is used to develop and promote Mathematical skill.
  • Resources to support: Concrete and pictorial resources are used to help children develop a strong foundation of concrete experience, which then allows them to think in the abstract.
  • Mathematical thinking and problem solving is central.
  • Being able to calculate with confidence and having an understanding of why it works.
  • Opportunities for both independent and collaborative learning.
  • Multitude of opportunities for mathematics throughout the curriculum: We broaden children’s knowledge and understanding of how mathematics is used in the wider world by making rich and varied real life connections.

Through our maths vision, we are passionate and fully committed to developing a balance between the children’s procedural fluency and a conceptual understanding.

At Skelton we strongly believe in supporting our pupils to become Mathematicians for life.

White Rose Maths:
White Rose Maths is a scheme for learning that provides maths resources for pupils of all ages, from early years to secondary school. The Schemes of Learning (SOL) outline yearly frameworks that break down what children need to learn during each week of each term to master the learning objectives laid out by the National Curriculum. Resources and lessons that follow the White Rose Maths frameworks are designed to be enjoyable, engaging and varied, to help pupils develop a love of learning and work towards mastery.


Maths in EYFS:
Our EYFS Maths curriculum is based on the White Rose scheme that works towards the Early Learning Goals whilst also being grounded with mathematical thinking and talk. Key mathematical ideas and concepts are revisited and developed further, thus supporting the children’s smooth transition into Year 1 and beyond. Like the rest of the school, EYFS use the White Rose scheme to sequence lessons and as a bank of useful resources and ideas. At Skelton you will see maths teaching that involves both adult led focused groups and opportunities for supported and independent learning through exploration and play. We integrate maths throughout the day (in addition to directed maths time), and this can be seen through reading stories with a maths focus, singing songs and rhymes or by playing games. Additionally, the use of our classroom routines throughout the day is another opportunity for us to support the children with their mathematical vocabulary.

As with all other Areas of Learning, the teaching and learning of mathematics in EYFS takes place both indoors and outdoors through a wide range of practical and “hands on” activities. A high quality learning environment provides children with lots of opportunities to explore different aspects of number, numerical patterns and learn new concepts.  

Maths in KS1 and KS2
In Key Stages 1 and 2 children also follow the White Rose Scheme of Learning. Children work with a wide range of activities that teach them key mathematical concepts, to solve problems, develop their mental skills and reason mathematically. Daily lessons are planned and taught through high quality teaching and resources, with ample opportunity to experience active maths across the curriculum. Small-step teaching takes place to ensure all pupils understand key concepts before they exposed to new ones. All key prior knowledge is regularly revisited and all pupils have the opportunity to apply their understanding to rich and deep mathematical problems.

As a school, we create a consistent approach by making sure mathematical concepts are built on each year to make sure they are embedded by Year 6. Children take such pride in their work and this is evident within their maths books. Maths experiences and days are planned across the year to excite and build curiosity around maths. Online resources on the school chromebooks such as TTRockStars and Maths Frame are used effectively to engage, inspire and keep learning fun.

Maths expectations in KS1/KS2:

  • Children start the day with a mental fast 10 during register.
  • Maths is taught daily
  • Child have time to respond to marking and address misconceptions
  • All classes take part in a daily count, which is relative to each year group.
  • All children become proficient at fluency, problem solving and reasoning questions.
  • A weekly arithmetic test ensures that key skills are embedded and revisited.