Our aims:

Our aim at Burton Green is to ensure that our children are creative, imaginative and fluent writers. We follow the Read Write Inc scheme in Early Years and Key stage One. The Writing Roots element of the Literacy Tree scheme is used throughout Key Stage Two https://literacytree.com/planning-sequences/

Phonics – Get Writing!

We use Read Write Inc Phonics to teach reading and writing. 

Children are organised in homogenous groups and are taught a daily speed sound session, storybook and get writing session. As part of the speed sound session children have a spelling section where they write words containing the sounds they know. They use Fred Fingers to identify the number of sounds in the word and pinch the fingers whilst saying the sound. Children read a book at their current level and complete a variety of writing activities throughout the week based on the story. These consist of: hold a sentence, proofreading, spelling and vocabulary activities. Children then produce a ‘big write’ based on the skills they have learnt. 

Literacy Tree
Book-based Writing Roots are sequences of detailed lesson plans between ten and twenty sessions in length. They are based on a wide range of high quality and significant children’s literature chosen to engage, challenge and support children to be critical readers and confident and informed writers. All National Curriculum requirements of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, literary language and composition are embedded leading towards a variety of purposeful and exciting shorter, longer and extended writing outcomes where the audience and purpose is clear.